Jan 2021. Congratulations to Ziao and Borui
Z.A. Tian, B.R. Xu, G.C. Wan, X.M. Han, Z.F. Di, Z. Chen, Y.F. Mei, Gaussian-preserved, non-volatile shape morphing in three-dimensional microstructures for dual-functional electronic devices, Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 509.

Dec 2020. Congratulations to Zhe
Z. Zhao, Y. Kong, X.Y. Lin, C. Liu, J.R. Liu, Y.Y. He, L.L. Yang, G.S. Huang, Y.F. Mei, Oxide nanomembrane induced assembly of a functional smart fiber composite with nanoporosity for an ultra-sensitive flexible glucose sensor, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020, 8, 26119-26129.

May 2020. Congratulations to Gongjin, Zhe, Chunyu
GJ Li#, Z Ma#, CY You#, GS Huang, EM Song, RB Pan, H Zhu, JQ Xin, BR Xu, T Lee, ZH An, ZF Di, YF Mei, Silicon nanomembrane phototransistor flipped with multifunctional sensors towards smart digital dust, Science Advances, 2020, 6: eaaz6511.

November 2019. Congratulations to Borui, Xinyuan & Ziao
BR Xu, XY Zhang, ZA Tian, D Han, XC Fan, YM Chen, ZF Di, T Qiu, YF Mei, Microdroplet-guided intercalation and deterministic delamination towards intelligent rolling origami, Nature Communications, 10, 5019 (2019).

Sep. 2019. Congratulations to Zhe
Z. Zhao, Z.W. Zhang, Y.T. Zhao, J.R. Liu, C. Liu, G.S. Huang, Y.F. Mei, Atom layer deposition inducing integration of Co, N co-doped carbon sphere on 3D foam with hierarchically porous structures for flexible hydrogen producing device, Advanced Functional Materials, 1906365 (2019).

Sep. 2019. Congratulations to Xuefei.
X.F. Zhou, Z.A. Tian, H.J. Kim, Y. Wang, B.R. Xu, R.B. Pan, Y.J. Chang, Z.F. Di, P. Zhou, Y.F. Mei, Rolling up MoSe2 Nanomembranes as a Sensitive Tubular Photodetector, Small, 15, 1902528 2019.

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