Dec 2021. Congratulations to Shuo
S. Yang, Y.Q. Wang, Y. Kong, G.S. Huang, Z. Zhe, Y. Wang, B.R. Xu, J.Z. Cui, Y.F. Mei*, Enhanced Evanescent Field Coupling of Smart Particles in Tubular Optical Microcavity for Sensing Application, 2021, 2102158.

Dec 2021. Congratulations to Yang
Y. Zong, X.Y. Zhang, Y. Wu, Y. Wang, C. Liu, B.R. Xu, G.S. Huang, J.Z. Cui*, Y.F. Mei*, Nanomembrane folding origami:Geometry control and micro-machine applications, Progress in Natural Science:Materials International, 2021, 31, 865-871.

Dec 2021. Congratulations to Zhe
Z. Zhao, Y. Kong, G.S. Huang, C. Liu, C.Y. You, Z.J Xiao, H.Q. Zhu, J. Tan, B.R. Xu, J.Z. Cui, X.Y. Liu, Y.F. Mei, Area-selective and precise assembly of metal organic framework particles by atomic layer deposition induction and its application for ultra-sensitive dopamine sensor, Nano Today, 2022, 42, 101347.

Nov 2021. Congratulations to Ye
Y. Kong, Z. Zhao, Y.Q. Wang, S. Yang, G.S. Huang, Y. Wang, C. Liu, C.Y. You, J. Tan, C. Wang, B.R. Xu, J.Z. Cui, X.Y. Liu, Y.F. Mei, Integration of a metal-organic framework film with a tubular whispering-gallery-mode microcavity for effective CO2 sensing, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 58104−58113.

Nov 2021. Congratulations to Jinrun
J.R. Liu, S.M. Yu, B.R. Xu, Z.A. Tian, K.P. Liu, X.J. Shi, Z. Zhao, C. Liu, X.Y. Lin, G.S. Huang, A.A. Solovev, J.Z. Cui, T.L. Li, Y.F. Mei, Magnetically propelled soft microrobot navigating through constricted microchannels, Applied Materials Today, 2021, 25, 101237.

Oct 2021. Congratulations to Zhe
Z.Ma, Z.A. Tian, C.Y. You, Y.L. Wang, Y.F. Mei, Z.F. Di, Self-rolling of monolayer graphene for ultrasensitive molecular sensing, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.1c12592.

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