May 2019. Congratulations to Lu
L. Wang, Z.A. Tian, B.R. Zhang, B.R. Xu, T.B. Wang, Y. Wang, S.L. Li, Z.F. Di, and Y.F. Mei, On-Chip Rolling Design for Controllable Strain Engineering and Enhanced Photon-Phonon Interaction in Graphene, Small, 1805477 (2019).

December 2018. Congratulations to Ziao
Tian, Ziao; Li, Shilong; Kiravittaya, Suwit; Xu, Borui; Tang, Shiwei; Zhen, Honglou; Lu, Wei; Mei, Yongfeng, Selected and Enhanced Single Whispering-Gallery Mode Emission from a Mesostructured Nanomembrane Microcavity, Nano Letters, DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b04259 (2018). (online)

October 2018. Congratulations to Xuefei
Excellet Poster Awards from Symposium on Low-Dimensional Material Application and Standardization 2018

Sep. 2018. Congratulations to Gongjin
Gongjin Li, Enming Song, Gaoshan Huang, Ruobing Pan, Qinglei Guo, Fei Ma, Zengfeng Di, Bin Zhou, Yongfeng Mei, High-Temperature-Triggered Thermal Degradable Electronics based on Flexible Silicon Nanomembranes, Adv. Funct. Mater. (2018). (Online)

July 2018. Congratulations to Gongjin
Best Poster Awards from 2018 International Conference on Flexible Electronics

May 2018. Congratulations to Ziao
Ziao Tian, Wen Huang, Borui Xu, Xiuling Li, and YongFeng Mei, Anisotropic Rolling and Controlled Chirality of Nanocrystalline Diamond Nanomembranes toward Biomimetic Helical Frameworks, Nano Letters, 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b00828 (2018)

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